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RescuePack (Stop the Bleed Kit)

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    The RescuePack (Stop the Bleed Kit) is a Bleeding Control Kit designed to work as a module in any EP-FLEX Backpack or EP-FLEX Duffle Bag. It also works great as a stand alone compact kit that fits nicely in a desk drawer or vehicle. Supplies in this kit are stored in a Large Flex Pouch. The clear top allows you to see the contents of the kit and the front facing card slot allows you to label the RescuePack (Stop the Bleed Kit) with a business card sized card. The RescuePack (Stop the Bleed Kit) weighs 1.26lbs and measures 6H x 11W x 4"D.


    • Large EP-FLEX Pouch - Red
    • Nitrile Gloves - Pair
    • Bandage Shears - 7.5"
    • SWAT-T Tourniquet
    • Compressed Krinkle Gauze - Sterile - 4.5" x 4.1 Yards
    • QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing - Z Folded, 3" x 4 Yards
    • HyFin Vent Chest Seal - Twin Pack
    • High Strength Pressure Bandage - 6"
    • RescuePack Guide Card


    • Designed to work as a module in any EP-FLEX Backpack or EP-FLEX Duffel Bag
    • The EP-FLEX Pouch features a clear top, business card sized label insert, and carry handle.
    • Designed from the ground up by emergency preparedness professionals.
    • This kit contains items in these categories: Sanitation, Instruments, First Aid, Instructional
    • This RescuePack (Stop the Bleed Kit) is sometimes referred to as a .
    • This Survival Kit is suitable for use in Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Winter Storms, Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires, Power Outages, Pandemics, and Extreme Heat and Cold.


    The SWAT-T™ serves as a versatile tourniquet designed to be easy to use and to control bleeding from limb hemorrhages. The SWAT-Tourniquet offers a faster way to control limb bleeding, allowing placement higher into the groin and axillary regions than other tourniquets. Its ease of use is a significant advantage; anyone can apply it within seconds with minimal training.


    QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing: is a hydrophilic gauze impregnated with kaolin for rapid clotting. When combined with direct pressure, it accelerates the body's clotting process, promoting natural clotting within minutes. Benefits include fast action, safety (kaolin is allergy-free), ease of use, and convenient, tear-resistant packaging. The ultimate solution for efficient hemorrhage control. Made in the USA.


    The HyFin® Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack sets a new standard for treating chest injuries. It includes two separate vented chest seals for managing entry/exit or multiple chest wounds. Its innovative design features three ventilated channels that prevent air from entering the chest during inhalation while allowing it to escape during exhalation. This design also enables blood to drain and serves as a fail-safe system, ensuring the vent remains operational even if two of the three channels are obstructed. With advanced adhesive technology and user-friendly packaging, it meets or exceeds current EMS standards for treating chest injuries.


    This 6" High-Potency Compression Bandage is a non-adhesive pad that exerts force on the target area when enfolded around the pressure dispenser. This versatile unit encompasses a substantial non-adhesive dressing, an elastic bandage, a pressure dispenser, and a fastener clip, all seamlessly integrated into one convenient ensemble. Its application is swift and straightforward, akin to the Israeli-style bandage, designed for single-use applications, and devoid of natural rubber latex components.

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Proposition 65 (For California Residents Only)

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1 or more items in this kit contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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