Teacher Emergency Kits

Teacher Emergency Kits

Teachers are front and center in keeping students safe and secure when faced with an emergency situation. Teachers need to provide students with guidance and to keep them safe in all types of disasters, lockdown events, and other unforseen emergency situations. A Teacher Emergency Kit, located in their classroom, is essential in providing them with the tools and equipment they need to perform these duties.

  • 5 YEAR - The emergency food and water in this kit has a 5 year shelf life.
    Classroom Teacher Emergency Kit - Contents

    Classroom Teacher Emergency Kit

    MSRP: $124.99
    OUR PRICE: $113.99

    The Classroom Teacher Emergency Kit is an emergency kit designed to support 1 Teacher for 3 Days. The kit contains 22 items which are stored in a Deluxe EMERGENCY EP-FLEX3 Backpack that measures 18H x 16W x 10"D. The kit weighs 11.62lbs. This Teacher...

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