Emergency Sanitation Supplies

Keeping clean in times following a disaster is extremely important. Not only does it provide comfort in stressful situations, but it helps keep away disease and infection. Make sure your environment is bacteria free by having the appropriate sanitation supplies stored with your emergency supplies. You never know how long you may be without basic water and sanitation services so be prepared for the worse.

  • GO Anywhere Portable Toilet System

    GO ANYWHERE Toilet System

    OUR PRICE: $299.99

    Wherever and whenever bathroom facilities are out of reach, unsafe or unsanitary, reach for Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Toilet System.  This top quality system is safe, private, portable, easy, and green!  Ideal for emergency...

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  • Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

    GO Anywhere Portable Toilet

    OUR PRICE: $85.88

    Enjoy dignified convenience with this safe, sturdy, thoughtfully engineered, premium quality GO Anywhere Portable Toilet (PETT) from Cleanwaste Company. This tripod design toilet weighs just 7 pounds and has a convenient carrying handle and folds up...

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  • HygienePack - Contents


    MSRP: $42.99
    OUR PRICE: $38.99

    The HygienePack is a Hygiene Kit designed to work as a module in any EP-FLEX Backpack or EP-FLEX Duffle Bag. It also works great as a stand alone compact kit that fits nicely in a desk drawer or vehicle. Supplies in this kit are stored in a Large Flex...

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  • Cleanwaste - 12 Pack of The Original Wag Bags

    GO Anywhere Toilet Kits - 12 Packs

    OUR PRICE: $34.99

    The GO Anywhere Toilet Kit - The Original Wag-Bag is the most sanitary, safe, environmentally-friendly, portable toilet solution available.  This Toilet Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with The GO Anywhere Portable Toilet, however it can...

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  • "LOCKDOWN KIT"  Bucket with Snap-On Toilet Seat Lid

    LOCKDOWN KIT Bucket with Toilet Seat Lid

    MSRP: $24.99
    OUR PRICE: $21.99

    This 5 Gallon Bucket Container is crush resistant and perfect for storing and protecting emergency supplies. The bucket is prominently printed with "LOCKDOWN KIT" silk screened with emergency chevrons on the front of the bucket.  The snap-on toilet...

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  • Toilet Seat Lid for 5 Gallon Bucket - Open

    Snap-On Toilet Seat Lid

    MSRP: $18.99
    OUR PRICE: $12.99

    This Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Lid snaps onto a 5 gallon buckets (and 3 gallon) to create a suitable portable toilet. This toilet seat will support up to 300lbs and has a lid that closes shut when not in use.

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  • Mini Personal Hygiene Kit - Contents

    Mini Personal Hygiene Kit

    OUR PRICE: $4.49

    This Mini Personal Hygiene Kit is designed to provide 1 person with basic hygiene supplies to last for up to 3 days.  The hygiene supplies are protected in a waterproof Ziploc bag.  The back of the label contains some...

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