Emergency Whistles

Whistles are one of the best bang-for-the-buck items you can have with you in an emergency or survival situation. Whistles provide a very loud sound that require very little blowing effort.  The sound of a whistle will attract rescue personal to your location. Some whistles have peas inside which provides a distinct trill sound.  This distinct sound will not be confused with howling winds or other natural sounds that occur in hurricanes, storms, or when tornados are present.  

  • CERT Whistle

    CERT Whistle


    This bright green whistle produces 120db through 3 separate sound chambers. Two outer chambers create separate omni-directional frequencies, while the center chamber with pea creates staccato sound, critical for rescuers to discern whistle over...

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  • Essential Packs Emergency Whistle with Carabiner - Angle View

    Emergency Whistle with Carabiner


    This Emergency Whistle from Essential Packs is make of durable high impact, Highly visible yellow plastic and features chevrons printed on both sides.  This whistle comes with a rubber mouth guard that insures a tight seal when blowing the whistle...

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  • Front View

    Plastic Whistle with Lanyard


    This highly-visible whistle produces a piercing sound which can be useful in emergency situations. The pea inside the whistle modulates the sound and helps emergency personnel differentiate between howling winds and the sound produced by this whistle...

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