What Our Customers Say About Our Emergency Preparedness Products

Below is just a few of the many positive feedback messages we received. These testimonials are from actual customers.


Hello James,  The Kits Look Amazing!!! Thanks for everything.  Your team is amazing in every way!

(regarding silk screening logo on Flex2 Backpack)


Hello Dennis. I’m the one that you spoke with on the phone last week. I really don’t like ordering anything online. So I called, and spoke with you so that I could order by phone instead. I just got the kit that I ordered from you today. I’m very pleased with the order and I will be ordering more from you at the beginning of the new year. Thanks for your help as this will be a wonderful gift for my daughter and son in law! Thanks again and I will call you in the new year!


I've been a flight nurse and paramedic for 11 years and those are some of the best kits I've ever seen available for sale that come with all the accessories, the last one I bought saved Six people's lives in one really bad car accident I was witness to so u guys are literally enabling me to be able to save lives and have a full trauma pack in my car at all times. (Regarding the EMT Rescue 25 Trauma Kit)

Eileen T.

I am very pleased to have decided to purchase emergency supplies from EmergencyKits.com.  I appreciate the ongoing communications about emergency preparedness that encourage me to continue to develop my emergency plans.


I think the packs are great, perfect for what I need. thanks. You're doing a great job!


I was very happy with my order.  Everything listed on the site was in the packaging; you can see time and lots of thoughts were definitely put into mind to get the kits so complete and meaningful. I've talked about it to everyone I know and also gave out the website to make it easy for them. I do hope to contact you again soon for additional items to my kits. Thank you for all that you do. 

Carol S. - Los Angeles, California

Got your car and home packs for my son's home and mine. We live in LA. I have them tucked away just in case. You have given me great peace of mind by putting it all together for me. Will report in should we have an earthquake. In the meantime thanks for everything.

Terry F. - Salem, New Jersey

I'm on our local CERT team and everyone loves my CERT vest and backpack.  I recently had them stolen out of my car and wasted no time reordering from your company. Your products are well made and priced right. I received them promptly.  Thank you.

Steve B.

I am new at this and I have found something new to me in every email. I am enjoying the chance to learn and get every good ideas for what I need to do to help my family. Thank you emailed emergency tips,

Rhonda T.

Actually your website is one of the best I have found for these types of products.  Your prices are really quite competitive to.  I serve at my church as an Emergency Preparedness Specialist and your site has been really helpful and given me some great ideas.  I've passed on your website link to others as well.  At church we are going to put together some 72 hour kits for an activity for the woman, but honestly I think your 72 hour backpacks are great.  I am saving money and budgeting so that I can purchase some.  I've also told my adult children to go to your site.  In this ever changing world your product is going to become even more "essential" than ever.  Keep up the great work of providing quality products


I purchased the Deluxe Essential Pack for my son for his birthday. I also purchased a few other small items to add to the pack. My son was so appreciative he said he couldn't have received a better gift. He is going to go over an emergency plan with his family and even the children will know just where the pack is stored. Lets pray they never need it, but if they do they will have a good start to getting through an emergency. I plan to purchase the same pack when it's our other son's and our son-in-laws birthdays. It's the perfect gift.  Thank you  

Linda H.

I was impressed with your product selection as well as speed of delivery. My son is a police officer and the main person involved in preparedness planning for himself and his family. I'm starting to appreciate the need for this sort of preparation for myself and husband too, as well as the need to be prepared for the unexpected in general. We often take our civilized, comfortable world for granted. The peace of mind that your products provide is worth every penny. It's like having Insurance, it's better to HAVE it and NOT need it, than to NEED it and NOT HAVE it, this just makes good sense ! Thank you for helping me take care of my family, if the need should arise,

Kathleen R.

I am impressed with everything your company has shown me. I really appreciate the informative news letters. I would however like to see more information on all pets. as I forward them to everyone I know.

Michael V.

Fast shipping great price well done!

D. B.

Appreciated very much the fast service and helping with the order. I received all the product fast and have recommended your products to others. Hope you all have a Happy Holiday's and New Year! Thanks again.

Diane B., Emergency Response Coordinator, Valley Village Residents Assoc. 

Good Morning! Our entire ERT Leaders are thrilled with the fundraiser emergency preparedness kits they received, and look forward to selling them. We found them to be well packaged and compact, nice addition to each persons emergency supplies. We feel these will also make great Christmas presents and demonstrates a caring and loving gift. Thank you again for such a prompt response, makes a big difference. Sincerely.


Beth E., www.LadyPilots.com

I am very happy with the Essential Packs items I have ordered. I received one item damaged, so I emailed you and in less than 3 days the replacement was sent to my house -- awesome! Great customer service and response to the problem. I have already ordered again from you and will continue to! I have told others about you as well....keep up the good work. Smiles, =).


Sky Y., Flight Systems Engineer, Tybrin Corp., NASA - DFRC

Thank you for filling the order, it arrived in excellent condition. The packs are easy to store / carry and provide the necessities to survive during a disaster. Best regards.

Judith, Office Manager, College Access Foundation of California

We are very pleased with the backpacks ordered. We are ordering 3 more just to have them in stock in the office. Also, we gave the web link to all employees so they can order for their personal usage at home. An excellent product at an excellent price. Thank you.