In then event of a disaster, its important to be able to perform basic cooking functions.  Boiling water and heating food are necessary to basic survival.  Boiling water before drinking it kills most harmful bacteria and viruses.  In addition, most survival food is dehydrated and prepared by adding boiling water.  Many homes contain canned food and be able to heat it, provides conformt in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

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  • QuickStove Cube Stove with Emergency Fire Starters
    $29.99Cube Stove with 7 Emergency Fuel Disks Review Rating
    The Cube Stove is a compact, portable and durable stove from QuickStove.  It's designed specifically for emergency cooking. The Cube Stove is perfect for quick convenient use, and weighs less...
  • 1 Gallon - Boils 60 Cups of Water
    $29.99 $27.99Wise Fire Review Rating
    Wise Fire is the perfect fuel source for boiling water.  Wise Fire is a non-combustable lend of lightweight volcanic rock, recycled wood, inert minerals, and shielded by a patented blend of paraffin, making it...
  • Portable Cooking Bag - with 10 Heat Pads
    $15.99 $9.99Portable Cooking Bag with 10 Heat Pads Review Rating
    This Cooking Bag Kit is designed to heat canned food.  It comes with a reusable cooking bag and 10 heating pads.  Simply place a can of food in the pouch, add water (measuring cup supplied), add heater...
  • Fuel Disk
    $3.59 $1.90Emergency Fuel Disk (for use in QuickStove Cube Stove) Review Rating
    These Emergency Fuel Disks are made from cedar and highly-refined wax, Perfect for use in the Cube Stove by QuickStove. They are designed to burn for up to 30 minutes, can be extinguished and re-lit,...
  • Box of Waterproof Matches
    $1.29 $0.99Waterproof Matches - Box of 40 Review Rating
    This box of 40 matches are perfect for camping, hiking, and outdoor survival. These matches are made from a unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions. In addition, the match box striking...

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