In then event of a disaster, its important to be able to perform basic cooking functions.  Boiling water and heating food are necessary to basic survival.  Boiling water before drinking it kills most harmful bacteria and viruses.  In addition, most survival food is dehydrated and prepared by adding boiling water.  Many homes contain canned food and be able to heat it, provides comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

  • StovePack - Contents


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    The StovePack is a Outdoor Stove Kit designed to work as a module in any EP-FLEX Backpack or EP-FLEX Duffle Bag. It also works great as a stand alone compact kit that fits nicely in a desk drawer or vehicle. Supplies in this kit are stored in a Large...

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  • EP Emergency Stove

    EP Emergency Portable Stove

    MSRP: $19.99
    OUR PRICE: $12.89

    The Essential Packs Emergency Stove is perfect for use in emergency situations.  This compact emergency stove assembles in seconds and stores flat in the included protective pouch.  This stove is compatible with 3 types of fuel 9 (not...

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