Team Leader Kits

Team Leader Kits

Team Leader Kits

Team leader kits provide the essential tools for first responder crews to get out and go to work efficiently and effectively. Well organized, comprehensive first aid kits allow medical personnel to administer life-saving aid to survivors of accidents and disasters, while also providing materials to keep safe and organized in what are often dangerous surroundings. Our FlexPack Backpacks offer lightweight and durable solutions to storing and organizing your gear, while Ready Roller Emergency Kits come pre-stocked with gear and tools. These items are ideal for professionals, volunteers, and those who recognize the importance of proper emergency prep.

  • NOAA - This kit contains a radio that receives the NOAA All Hazard Weather Band which is recommended by FEMA.
    Team Leader Emergency Kit - Contents

    Team Leader Emergency Kit

    MSRP: $229.99
    OUR PRICE: $172.99

    This Team Leader Emergency Kit from Essential Packs contains a comprehensive set of emergency supplies contained in a heavy-duty rolling backpack.  The FLEX3R Backpack has 8 storage compartments to organize supplies and a build-in waterproof rain...

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  • PRO - This Emergency Kit is part of the Essential Packs Professional Line of products and contains a comprehensive set of emergency supplies.
    Deluxe Floor Warden Emergency Kit - Contents

    Deluxe Floor Warden Emergency Kit

    MSRP: $151.99
    OUR PRICE: $138.99

    This Deluxe Floor Warden Emergency Kit provides a designated floor warden or team leader with a comprehensive set of emergency supplies.  These supplies help a floor warden or team leader safely coordinate the evacuation...

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  • MODULAR - This product has a modular design. Adding optional components enhances orgnaization and makes it quick and easy to locate supplies.
    CLEARANCE - Special Pricing! All sales on this item are final.
    EP-FLEX3-TL TEAM LEADER Rolling Backpack - Side Angle

    Deluxe TEAM LEADER EP-FLEX3 Rolling Backpack

    MSRP: $59.99
    OUR PRICE: $38.72

    The EP-FLEX3-TL (Black) Rolling Backpack from Essential Packs is the ultimate emergency preparedness backpack designed for Team Leaders, Floor Wardens, Safety Coordinators, and other emergency preparedness leaders.  It is designed by professionals...

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