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Essential Packs

Premium Team Leader Emergency Kit

18.00 LBS
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    This Premium Team Leader Emergency Kit from Essential Packs contains a comprehensive set of emergency supplies contained in a Premium heavy-duty rolling backpack.  The FLEX4R Rolling Backpack has 8 storage compartments to organize supplies and a build-in waterproof rain fly.  This kit is designed for use in the workplace and features a built-in removable trauma kit, hand-crank/solar emergency radio with AM, FM, and NOAA bands, LED flashlight, and mobile phone charger.  The radio has a built-in Lithium battery so the kit can be stored for extended periods of time without damaging the battery.  This kit also features a full set of personal gear including ANSI class 2 safety vest, hard hat, safety goggles, knee pads, and heavy-duty work gloves.  In addition, this team leader kit comes with a megaphone, LED Flashlight and Lantern, tools, barricade tape, clipboard, and much more.

    The Premium Team Leader Emergency Kit Contains the Following Gear Items:

    Item Quantity
    Premium FLEX4R TEAM LEADER Rolling Backpack (Red or Black) 1
    Adjustable Hard Hat (White) 1
    Safety Vest - 5 Point Break Away - ANSI Class 2 (Orange or Yellow) 1
    Safety Goggles 1
    Face Mask - Flat 1
    Knee Pads 1
    Clipboard and Pencil 1
    Waterproof Poncho 1
    Emergency Survival Blanket 1
    Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 1

    The Team Leader Emergency Kit Contains the Following Lighting and Communication Items:

    Lighting and Communication Items Quantity
    EMR-2000 Emergency Radio (Hand Crank/Solar AM/FM/NOAA Radio with LED Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger/Lithium Battery) 1
    Megaphone with D Batteries (Included) 1
    LED Flashlight with D Batteries (Included) 1
    Yellow Lightstick (12-Hour) 2
    Essential Packs Emergency Whistle (125db) 1

    The Team Leader Emergency Kit Contains the Following Tools:

    Tools Quantity
    Leatherman Style Multi-Function Tool 1
    Utility Knife 1
    Pry Bar (15") with Rubber Covers 1
    Adjustable Wrench (10") 1
    Grease Pencil 1

    The Team Leader Emergency Kit Contains a removable Compact Trauma Kit (100 Piece):

    Trauma Kit Items Quantity
    Heavy-Duty Removable Pouch with Clear Top 1
    CPR Instruction Card 1
    Triple Antibiotic Ointment Pack (.5g) 2
    Antiseptic Cleansing Wipe 3
    Burn Cream 2
    Hand Sanitizer Packet (.9g) 2
    Trauma Pad (5" x 9") 1
    Gauze Dressing Pad (4" x 4") 2
    Gauze Dressing Pad (3" x 3") 2
    Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage (3") 1
    Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage (2") 1
    First Aid Tape Roll (1/2" x 10 Yard) 1
    Triangular Sling Bandage 1
    Adhesive Plastic Bandage (3/4" x 3") 20
    Adhesive Plastic Bandage (1" x 3") 15
    Junior Adhesive Plastic Bandage (3/8" x 1 1/2") 15
    Patch Plastic Bandage (1-1/2" x 1-1/2") 5
    Knuckle Fabric Bandage 5
    Fingertip Fabric Bandage 5
    Thermometer (One-Time Use) 1
    Tweezers 1
    Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 1
    Cotton Swab 10
    Tongue Depressor 2

    The Team Leader Emergency Kit also Contains these Other Items:

    Other Items Quantity
    Barricade "DANGER" Tape - Red (300' Roll) 1
    Barricade "CAUTION" Tape - Yellow (300' Roll) 1
    Duct Tape (60 Yards) 1
    Heavy-Duty Work Gloves 1
    Nylon Rope (50') 1

    This kit is designed and assembled in the USA.

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Proposition 65 (For California Residents Only)

Proposition 65 warning


1 or more items in this kit contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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