Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox come with Swiss-made quality and durability.  All implements are stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty.  A Swiss Army Knife is  portable and an essential tool in any disaster or survival situation. Carry a Swiss Army Knive with you at all times, keep one in your car, and add one to your emergency kit. carries a wide selection of knives for you to choose from.

  • The Recruit Swiss Army Knife

    Recruit Swiss Army Knife


    Leave the kitchen knives back at home in the kitchen. The Recruit genuine Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is the reliable companion for you to take outside, whether you’re a hardcore outdoor extremist or just a backyard camper. The 3 1/4"...

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  • The Camper Swiss Army Knife

    Camper Swiss Army Knife


    The 3 1/2" Camper genuine Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox is the perfect tool for all of your outdoor adventures. Equipped with two blades, can and bottle openers and a wood saw, this is the ultimate tool for the outdoor enthusiast. As with all Swiss...

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  • The Hiker Swiss Army Knife

    Hiker Swiss Army Knife


    Whether you’re an ambitious mountain hiker or simply strolling through the woods to grandmother’s house, the Hiker genuine Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox features all the tools you’d need for your trek without bulking down your gear...

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  • The Climber Swiss Army Knife

    Climber Swiss Army Knife


    Fully loaded, lightweight and highly visible enough to not drag you down like a boulder, the Climber genuine Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is specially crafted to provide you with the most high-quality tools all while leaving the smallest footprint...

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  • The Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife (USA)

    Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife


    Oh say, can you see we’ve taken our classic Tinker and equipped it with additional high-quality tools, extended versatility, and maintained the level of durability you’ve come to expect from Victorinox Swiss Army. Thus crafting a truly...

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  • The Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

    Huntsman Swiss Army Knife


    Versatile enough to be used around the house as well as in the great outdoors, the Huntsman Victorinox Swiss Army Knife features 13 tools and is 5 star rated. The perfect companion for anyone. The 3 1/2" Huntsman includes everything needed by the...

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  • The Fieldmaster Swiss Army Knife

    Fieldmaster Swiss Army Knife


    The 3 1/2" Fieldmaster genuine Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox offers more than enough tools for you next excursion! This compact pocket tool carries an impressive 15 implements and has everything from blades to an F-key ring. Like all Swiss Army...

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  • The Ranger Swiss Army Knife

    Ranger Swiss Army Knife


    Whether you’re after a bear who is stealing picnic baskets or simply an outdoor enthusiast, the Ranger genuine Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox provides the tools needed to take on Mother Nature. The 3 1/2" Ranger is a great example of how...

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  • The Swiss Army RescueTool (Fluorescent Yellow

    Swiss Army RescueTool


    Rescue workers have difficult tasks to perform everyday.  The Victorinox Rescue Tool will have you prepared for any emergency situation that is presented to you.  A true lifesaver in every sense of the word, the Rescue Tool...

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  • The SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife

    SwissChamp SOS Kit


    The SwissChamp SOS kit - one of the most popular Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox is part of a kit that includes a total of 101 survival features!  The 33 standard SwissChamp implements and many other outdoor/survival items will make quite the...

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