Flashlights are a necessity to keep closeby during emergency situations. Flashlights must be reliable, strong and waterproof, to keep you seeing in power outages and guiding you safely through severe weather related emergencies. We offer LED flashlights, flares, durable headlamps and multi-function flashlight and NOAA Radio devices.

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  • Duracell Durabeam - 700 Lumens (Angle View On)
    $21.99 $15.99Duracell Durabeam Ultra LED Flashlight (700 Lumens) Review Rating
    The Duracell Durabeam Ultra 700 is a tactical High Intensity LED Flashlight that produces an amazing 700 lumens. It literally turns night into day!  This LED Flashlight is rugged, weather...
  • The Lighthouse LED Flashlight and Lantern - On
    $15.99 $12.99The Lighthouse LED Flashlight with Slide Out Lantern Review Rating
    The Lighthouse features a super bright 150 Lumen LED flashlight with 3 modes (high intensity, low intensity, and emergency flash) plus a slide out lantern.   The Lighthouse is perfect for directional...
  • Emergency LED Flasher Flare (On)
    $14.99 $12.99Emergency LED Flasher Flare Review Rating
    This Emergency LED Flare alerts others during emergencies and provides safety from nearby traffic when used at the site of a breakdown.  This high-quality Emergency Flare has 15 super bright...
  • Duracell Durabeam - 350 Lumens (Angle View On)
    $15.99 $11.99Duracell Durabeam Ultra LED Flashlight (350 Lumens) Review Rating
    The Duracell Durabeam 350 is a tactical High Intensity LED Flashlight.  This LED Flashlight is compact, rugged, weather resistant and measures 5" long but outputs an amazing 350 Lumens! It...
  • Headlamp LED Flashlight
    $6.99Headlamp Review Rating
    This water resistant LED Headlamp has 8 ultra bright LEDs and features a headlamp that pivots 45 degrees up and down.  In addition it has a comfortable and adjustable headband.  3 AAA Batteries not...
  • LED Flashlight
    $4.99LED Flashlight (D Batteries) Review Rating
    This LED flashlight is make of high impact plastic and features 3 bright LED bulbs and long battery life.  It measures 7 inches in length and also has a built-in wrist strap.  2 D batteries not...

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