Emergency LED Flasher Flare

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  • Emergency LED Flasher Flare (On)
  • Emergency LED Flasher Flare (Back)
  • Emergency LED Flasher Flare (Off)
  • Emergency LED Flasher Blare (In Use)
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This Emergency LED Flare alerts others during emergencies and provides safety from nearby traffic when used at the site of a breakdown.  This high-quality Emergency Flare has 15 super bright LED Lights, 12 used for 8 different flashing modes and 3 for flashlight mode.  A strong magnet on the back of the flare allows it to stick to the side of a vehicle.  In addition, a retractable hook allows you to hang it up virtually anywhere to provide maximum visibility.  The LED Flare is also waterproof and it floats making it perfect for boats, cars, RVs, and Trucks in all weather conditions. The Emergency LED Flare measures 4 inches in diameter and fits easily in glove compartments.  This safty item should be a part of everyones emergency kit. 

Includes 3 AAA Duracell Barreries (pre-installed) with Shelf Life until 2025. 

Flash Modes

  • Rotation - Lights Turn giving the illusion of a rotating beacon.
  • Burst Flash - Lights Flash quick in bursts.
  • Quick Flash - Lights flash in a steady on/off/pattern.
  • Slow Rotation - Lights flash in rotating fashion with 360 degree visibility at all times.
  • SOS Flash - Lights flash using SOS morse code pattern.
  • All on (High) - All lights are on in high energy mode.
  • All On (Low) - All lights are on in low energy mode.
  • Directional - Only the lights on one side of the flasher turn on.  When you need to alert people from only one direction.

One Button controls all of the functions.  Simply press the button to cycle through the various flashing modes and flashlight mode.  To save the mode for the next time you turn on the unit, press and hold the button down until you see 2 short flashes (about 2 seconds).  This will save the mode and turn off the unit. 

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