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Deluxe Floor Warden Emergency Kit

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  • Description+-

    This Deluxe Floor Warden Emergency Kit provides a designated floor warden or team leader with a comprehensive set of emergency supplies.  These supplies help a floor warden or team leader safely coordinate the evacuation of a workplace, locate and account for employees and associates, and perform other emergency procedures in the event of a workplace emergency or disaster.

    This Floor Warden Kit should be located near or in the office or work area of a designated floor warden or team leader (preferably hung on the wall using the backpack’s hang loop). 

    This kit comes with a deluxe EP-FLEX4 backpack that is easy to identify with “FLOOR WARDEN” printing on the front.  It has 8 storage compartments and has room for additional supplies.

    This kit comes standard with emergency drinking water, safety equipment (hard hat, safety vest, safety goggles, knee pads, whistle, and barricade tape), a super bright LED flashlight with slide out lantern for area lighting (Duracell batteries included), an Essential Packs First Aid kit (100 pieces), plastic sheeting with duct tape, clipboard and attendance sheet, various tools, post-its and a grease pencil for marking checked rooms, and much more.

    Locating, Organizing, and Storing Supplies

    Being able to locate and access emergency supplies during a workplace emergency is critical.  All emergency supplies in the Floor Warden Emergency Kit come stored and organized in the premium and rugged EP-FLEX4 Emergency Backpack.  The EP-FLEX4 Backpack is designed from the ground up for emergency preparedness applications and is a giant step above the off-the-shelf backpacks normally used by competing kits.  This adjustable backpack can be worn comfortably or carried using the built-in handle.  It can also be hung on a wall using the built-in hang loop. 

    This spacious backpack has a place to store everything and features 7 zippered compartments, a water bottle holder, a dedicated document compartment, an attached key ring with carabiner for extra keys or keys for emergency storage containers, numerous elastic straps for securing items, a business card sized label insert on the top of the backpack, and a main compartment with zippered door that fully opens allowing quick and easy access to supplies.  The EP-FLEX4 backpack is designed from the ground up for emergency preparedness.

    Emergency Lighting

    Power failures and nighttime emergencies require that a floor warden have emergency lighting equipment to help them location employees, clear rooms, and coordinate emergency activities.  This kit comes with the amazing "Lighthouse" LED Flashlight which outputs 150 directional lumens but also has a built-in slide out lantern for illuminating an entire area (Includes Duracell batteries with 10-year shelf life).  Also included are two 12-hour lightsticks.

    Treating Injuries

    In an emergency or disaster situation, injuries can be more severe that small cuts and abrasions which are what typical first aid kits are designed to treat.  The Floor Warden Emergency Kit comes with a Compact Trauma Kit that contains 100 pieces.  The items in this trauma kit go beyond what a typical first aid kit contains. In addition to band aids, this trauma kit contains items including, gauze rolls, gauze pads, a trauma pad, a triangular sling, knuckle bandages, fingertip bandages, topical creams, a thermometer, and much more.  These items are stored in a zippered pouch that attaches with Velcro to the inside of the backpack.  See content list below for complete details.

    Customizing is Easy Too!

    Also note that this kit can be customized by letting us create a full-color custom card insert or silk screening your organization's name and/or logo to the top pocket on the front of the backpack (extra charge applies...please call for details).  Also, emergency phone numbers, short instructions, or expiration information can easily be added by sliding a business card sized card into the label insert on the top of the backpack.  

    This Floor Warden (Team Leader) Pro Emergency Kit Contains:

    Emergency Items Quantity
    Deluxe EP-FLEX4 Emergency Backpack with 8 Compartments 1
    Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - 1 Liter in Reusable Canteen (20 Year Shelf Life) 1
    EP-LED150P Emergency LED Flashlight and Lantern with Flasher and Auto Tools (Includes Duracell Batteries with 10 Year Shelf Life) 1
    Emergency Whistle with Carabiner (125db) 1
    Yellow Lightstick (12 Hour) 2
    Orange Safety Vest with Reflective Stripes - ANSI Class 2 1
    Hard Hat (White) 1
    Heavy-Duty Work Gloves 1
    Safety Goggles 1
    Knee Pads (Pair) 1
    Face Mask - Flat, 3-Ply 1
    "CAUTION" Barricade Tape (100 Yards) 1
    "DANGER" Barricade Tape (100 Yards) 1
    Essential Packs First Aid Kit (100 Piece) 1
    Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 1
    Emergency Survival Blanket 1
    Waterproof Poncho 1
    Plastic Sheeting (9' x 9') 1
    Multi-Function Tool (Like a Leatherman) 1
    Utility Knife 1
    Adjustable Wrench (10") 1
    Pry Bar (15") 1
    Nylon Utility Rope (30') 1
    Duct Tape (10 yards) 1
    Clipboard and Pencil 1
    Emergency Accountability Attendance Form 1
    Post-Its Pad 1
    Chalk Stick 1
    Grease Pencil 1


    The Essential Packs First Aid Kit (100 Piece) Contains:

    Trauma Kit Items Quantity
    Heavy-Duty Removable Pouch with Clear Top 1
    CPR Instruction Card 1
    Triple Antibiotic Ointment Pack (.5g) 2
    Antiseptic Cleansing Wipe 3
    Burn Cream 2
    Hand Sanitizer Packet (.9g) 2
    Trauma Pad (5" x 9") 1
    Gauze Dressing Pad (4" x 4") 2
    Gauze Dressing Pad (3" x 3") 2
    Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage (3") 1
    Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage (2") 1
    First Aid Tape Roll (1/2" x 10 Yard) 1
    Triangular Sling Bandage 1
    Adhesive Plastic Bandage (3/4" x 3") 20
    Adhesive Plastic Bandage (1" x 3") 15
    Junior Adhesive Plastic Bandage (3/8" x 1 1/2") 15
    Patch Plastic Bandage (1-1/2" x 1-1/2") 5
    Knuckle Fabric Bandage 5
    Fingertip Fabric Bandage 5
    Thermometer (One-Time Use) 1
    Tweezers 1
    Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 1
    Cotton Swab 10
    Tongue Depressor 2

    This kit is designed and assembled in the USA. Emergency water in this kit is made in the USA.

    Important Notes:   

    The Floor Warden (Team Leader) Pro Emergency Kit is suitable for use in disaster and emergency situations including earthquakes, tornadoes, winter storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, extreme heat and cold, shelter-in-place, lockdown events, and other workplace related emergencies.


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Proposition 65 (For California Residents Only)

Proposition 65 warning


1 or more items in this kit contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Visit for more information.

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