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Swiss Army Rescue Tool

1.00 LBS
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    Rescue workers have difficult tasks to perform everyday.  The Victorinox Rescue Tool will have you prepared for any emergency situation that is presented to you.  A true lifesaver in every sense of the word, the Rescue Tool by Victorinox Swiss Army was developed in collaboration with fire and rescue workers. The Rescue Tool contains an easy to open one-hand blade, a seat belt cutter, removeable window breaker and disc saw.  The one-hand blade can be opened quickly and easily, and is suitable for right or left handed users. In addition, the Rescue Tool contains a seat belt cutter and removable window breaker and disc saw. Named Knife of the Year 2007 by the IWA and carries a lifetime warranty.

    The Swiss Army Rescue Tool Includes:

    • Large Lock Blade 
    • Screwdriver 
    • Window Breaker 
    • Strong Screwdriver
    • Crate Opener
    • Cap Lifter
    • Wire Stripper
    • Reamer, Punch 
    • One Hand Belt Cutter 
    • Key Ring  
    • Tweezers 
    • Toothpick 
    • Glass Disc Saw for Shatterproof Glass 
    • Nylon Cord 
    • Nylon Pouch 
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