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Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit (30 Student)

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    This Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit is designed to be stored in a classroom and provide 30 students with essential emergency preparedness supplies to last for 3 days (72 hours).

    This Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit provides each student with emergency food and water, an emergency survival blanket, and a dust mask.  In addition, this classroom emergency kit comes with a portable toilet, sanitation supplies, hand-crank NOAA emergency radios with built-in LED flashlight and mobile phone charger, pry bar, hard hat and safety vest for the teacher, heavy-duty work gloves, plastic tarp which can be used to create a privacy screen,  CAUTION tape, and an emergency whistle.

    Storage Container

    The emergency supplies in this classroom kit are placed into a highly-visible crush-resistant wheeled container.  In addition, the container has bold "EMERGENCY SUPPLIES" lettering printed on both sides and the lid can be secured to prevent tampering using a lock and/or zip tie.

    This emergency kit contains supplies suitable for use in emergency situations including: earthquakes, tornadoes, winter storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and extreme heat and cold.

    The Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit Contains:

    Item Quantity
    Emergency Food Ration - 2,400 Calorie (5 Year Shelf Life) 30
    Puravai Emergency Drinking Water Pouch - 1 Liter Reusable Canteen (20 Year Shelf Life) 30
    AquaTabs Water Purification Tablets (10 Pack) 6
    Hand Crank and Solar Radio with NOAA / FM / AM / LED Flashlight / Cell Charger / 1,000 mAh Lithium Battery 1
    The "Lighthouse" LED Flashlight and Lantern (Includes 10 Year Duracell Batteries) 1
    Plastic Whistle with Carabiner (125db) 1
    Yellow Lightstick (12 Hour) 10
    Emergency Survival Blanket 30
    N95 Dust Mask 30
    Heavy-Duty Work Gloves (Pair) 1
    Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 3
    Safety Vest (Orange) 1
    Safety Goggles 1
    Hard Hat (White) 1
    Pry Bar (15') 1
    Nylon Utility Rope (30') 1
    Barricade Tape - CAUTION (300' Roll) 1
    Blue Tarp (16' x 20') 1
    Plastic Sheeting (9' x 9') 1
    Duct Tape (1 Yards) 1
    T-5 Toilet Chemicals 1
    Biohazard Waste Bags / Toilet Liner (12 Pack) 1
    Toilet Paper Roll 6
    Crush Resistant "EMERGENCY KIT" Bucket Container 1
    Snap On Toilet Seat Lid (for Bucket Container) 1
    Crush-Resistant "EMERGENCY SUPPLIES" Wheeled Container 1
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