Emergency Car Kit Guide

Be prepared for roadside emergencies


Essential Car Emergency Kit Gear

Being on the road means putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Not only are you subject to the various mechanical malfunctions and human errors that could leave you stranded on the road or injured in an accident, but you’re also open to the various natural and man made disasters that could strike or elevate without warning and leave you needing to fend for yourself for an extended period.

In light of the various disastrous possibilities one faces when in their car, it’s important to prepare your vehicle with the appropriate tools and supplies to help you make it through a rugged situation. Whether you’re embarking on a long-distance road trip, or improving your readiness during everyday commuting, there are a number of considerations to make to put you in the best position to survive a roadside emergency.

Personal Concerns

Keeping supplies on hand to keep you and your passengers hydrated, fed, and cared for should be of utmost importance. Every other consideration is contingent on being healthy, nourished, and capable of taking the next steps to find help or make an escape. Keeping water, snacks, and a first aid kit in your car is a solid place to start, and can keep things from going sour in the event you’re waiting for a tow truck, stuck in a snow drift, or lost without gas.

Of course, not all food options are created equal. Emergency food should be rich in calories so you can feel sustained throughout a stressful experience, compact and lightweight enough to keep easily tucked in your vehicle, and have a shelf-life long enough to keep you from having to make frequent re-stocks.

Emergency water is also a primary concern. Keeping hydrated will allow you to make better decisions, and physically help you tackle jobs that are thrown your way. Water pouches are excellent options as they take up minimal space and have shelf lives of 5 years, compared to a roughly 2 year shelf-life of bottled water.

Quality first-aid kits, including burn ointments, bandages, Antiseptics, and pain relievers will be able to address many common injuries.

Finally, keep items on-hand to keep you safe and comfortable in the event of an extended stay or extreme weather. Rain ponchos, emergency blankets, hand-warmers, and candles can all make the difference between an impromptu camping trip and a harrowing survival story.

Automotive Concerns

If you’re capable of keeping fed and hydrated, and you have the supplies to treat your own injuries as well as the injuries of passengers, your next area of focus needs to be on your vehicle itself. The easiest way to get back on the road will often be in the same car or truck you started in, so prepare with tools to get things up and running safely. Ensure you’re stocked with jumper cables and tire changing equipment. Versatile tools like duct tape, swiss-army knives, and rope can be utilized to make temporary fixes on all types of automotive ailments.

Just as important as stocking the tools, make sure you have the supplies to work on your car safely while on the side of the road. A reflective vest, reflective emergency triangles, glow sticks,  or flares will make you visible as unsuspecting traffic approaches.

Communications Concerns

If you can keep yourself healthy, but are unable to get your car moving, you’re going to need to signal for help. Walking to the nearest town or gas station may not be an option, either due to injury or geography, so having large, bright, signage requesting help can get the attention of passers by.

If you find yourself stuck in extreme weather or another disaster, having a radio separate from your car’s will help your keep updated on the latest news and rescue efforts without draining your own car’s battery.


As in any situation, your gear is only part of the preparation package. Knowing how to administer basic first aid, change a tire, jump a battery, and perform basic automotive maintenance can turn a disastrous situation into a minor roadside delay. Practice these skills frequently and brush up on your knowledge to ensure you’re ready to take care of yourself and others.

Pre-Assembled Car Emergency Kits

At EmergencyKits.com, we know the importance of proper emergency preparation. Our pre-assembled car emergency kits come in a variety of sizes and price points, and cover all of the various considerations mentioned above. From comprehensive deluxe emergency kits to to smaller personal packs, you can find the perfect kit for your needs.

Featured Car Kits:

Roadside Emergency Kit (Deluxe)This Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit is designed to be stored in your car, truck, or RV.  It contains a comprehensive set of roadside emergency supplies and features an Emergency LED Flare, First Aid Kit, Heavy-Guage Jumper Cables, Snow Shovel, Safety Vest, and much more.  All of the items come stored in a heavy-duty duffel bag with carryinf handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

RoadMaster Emergency Kit (4 Season)The Blizzard Emergency Kit contains a comprehensive set of emergency preparedness and roadside assistance supplies.  This fully-loaded emergency kit is designed for use in a vehicle and is aptly named "The RoadMaster".  As its name implies, this all-weather emergency kit is designed to help you survive emergencies in extreme winter conditions.

Compact Car Emergency Kit (1 Person): This Compact Car Emergency Preparedness Kit is designed to provide 1 person with 3 days of essential emergency supplies. This compact kit fits nicely in small areas and measures 9" x 11" x 4".  This high-end car kit features: emergency food and water (5 year shelf life), a window breaker / seatbelt cutter tool, an amazing emergency LED flare with built-in Flashlight (Duracell batteries included), first aid kit, distress banner, hand warmers, whistle,  and much more.