Whether you just need a logo printed on one of our standard emergency kits, or you need a new kit built from the ground up,  can deliver! Our stress-free 7-step process ensures that the custom emergency kits we deliver meet your exact specifications. In addition to custom emergency kits, we also deliver piece-of-mind by providing you with the best customer service in the Emergency Preparedness Industry!The Custom Kit Development Process

The 7-step process ensures that your custom kits are built correctly and to your specifications. Each step is outlined in a design contract that contains all of the checks and balances you need to give you piece-of-mind and confidence that we understand your needs.


Define: Defining Your Custom Emergency Kit

In this step, a description of your custom emergency kit and its exact contents are listed and defined. In addition, the quantity of kits needed, any assembly instructions, custom printing requirements, and special shipping instructions are also specified in this step.


Estimate: An Estimate of the Total Cost of your Custom Emergency Kit will estimate the cost of each kit along with the total cost of the order (including sales tax and shipping). Also included are minimum and maximum order requirements and payment terms.


Procurement: Procuring the Emergency Supplies for your Emergency Kit

In this step we works with our manufacturers and suppliers to obtain all of the items needed to build your kits.


Printing: Printing Captions and/or Logos for your Emergency Kits

At this point, has all of the items needed to build your custom emergency kit. If any custom printing requirements are needed, they will be handled by at this point. This may include printing a logo or caption on a backpack, bucket, or other item.


Reviewing and Approving Your Custom Emergency Kit

Now that all of the pieces are in our assembly area, we can build a sample kit or take a photograph of your kit and send it to you for approval.


Assembling Your Emergency Kit

Assembling your kits now takes place using any special assembly instructions defined in step 1.


Shipping: Shipping Your Emergency Kit

Everything is complete in terms of building your custom emergency kits, so this last step is shipping your kits to you. If all of your kits are shipping to the same location, we usually use a cost effective freight service. If your kits are being shipped to different locations, it may be more economical to take advantage of our discounted UPS Ground Shipping rates (the shipping method is defined in step 1 and estimated in step 2).

To Get Started with Your Custom Emergency Kits, Email us at or Call Us at (800) 270-2889