Once you've purchased an Emergency Kit, it's time to make a Family Emergency Plan. Sit down with family members and decide how you will get in contact with each other, where you will go, and what you will do in the event of an emergency. Download the Family Emergency Plan and fill-in the blanks. Then, print a copy to store it with your Emergency Kit. There is also a wallet sized folding card you can print for all of your family members.

The Family Emergency Plan


The Family Emergency Plan is a simple document and should take you and your family about 30 minutes to complete. Once downloaded, simply open the document using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can fill-in the blanks right from your computer. Just click in the area provided for your answers and type in the information. Once completed, print it out and store a copy with your Emergency Preparedness Kit.

The first page of the Family Emergency Plan provides places for you to write in things like:

  • Out-Of-Town Contact Information - When disaster strikes, local telephone (and mobile phone) equipment may be overloaded or out of service. When this occurs, it's important for each family member to check-in with the designated Out-Of-Town Contact. Your Out-Of-Town Contact can them let other family members know the status and location of everyone.
  • Emergency Meeting Locations - Disasters can strike at any time. It's likely that not all of your family members will be at home when this occurs and keeping family together in an emergency is important. When it's safe to do so, family members should attempt to relocate to the designated Emergency Meeting Locations.
  • Basic Information About Each Family Member - If you are separated from one or more family members, having their basic information can be very helpful to Emergency Personnel in helping you locate them. In addition, stressful situations can make recalling this type of information difficult, so it's always a good idea to have it written down. Emergency Medical Personnel need to know about serious medical conditions. This information should be written down in this area.
  • Address and Contact Information of Places Your Family Members Spend Most of Their Time - When trying to locate family members, knowing their most likely locations the phone numbers of those locations, can help you locate and communicate with them.
  • Doctor Information - If one of your family members is injured, Emergency Medical Personnel may need to contact your local doctor for records, or additional information that will help them with treatment.
  • Policy Numbers of any Medical and/or Home Owners Insurance Plans - In order to file claims and receive emergency assistance during a disaster, you will need this important information.

Page two of the Family Emergency Plan is designed to be kept in each family member’s purse or wallet. On page two, simply fill-in the blanks (one card for each family member), print out the page, the cut out each card.

Also, don't forget to update this information as information changes. Its a good idea to update your Family Emergency Plan every six months.

Download the Family Emergency Plan