Classroom Lockdown Kit (30 Student)

EP-LK1 -
18.00 LBS
  • Classroom Lockdown Kit - Contents
  • Optional: Hand-Crank and Solar Emergency Radio (NOAA / AM / FM) with LED Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger
  • Optional:  Window Clings to Alert Classroom Status to First Responders
  • Optional:  First Aid Kit - 25 Person (OSHA Compliant)
  • Mainstay Emergency Food Ration - Nutritional Information
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This comprehensive Classroom Lockdown Kit is designed to provide emergency supplies for a classroom of up to 30 students when a lockdown situation occurs. When an emergency situation prevents students from being able to leave the classroom, this kit provides essential supplies that can be used in the classroom. This Lockdown Kit comes with emergency food and water, dust masks, a portable toilet with sanitation supplies, a clipboard with emergency attendance sheet, and more.

Optional items that can be added include: a Hand-Crank NOAA/AM/FM Radio with Built-In LED Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger, A set of Window Clings (HELP and OK) that alert your classroom status to First Responders, and a 25 Person OSHA Compliant First Aid Kit.

Important Information about the Emergency Food and Water In this Classroom Lockdown Kit

This kit features Mainstay Emergency Food Rations which are considered the highest-quality and safest available to meet important needs of students.  They are safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nuts.  In addition, they are Kosher and meet the dictates of Halal.    This Lockdown Kit contains enough food to provide 30 students with a 400 calorie meal.  The emergency food and water in this kit has a 5-year shelf life and is approved by the United States Coast Guard and the Canadian Transport Authority.  They are ready to eat and require no preparation.  These non-thirst provoking food rations have a pleasant lemon vanilla flavor and are enriched with vitamins and minerals that exceed RDA recommendations. They hold up in extreme temperatures of between -40° F and 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) and contain no cholesterol or tropical oils.

The Classroom Lockdown Kit Contains:

Item Quantity
Crush Resistant Bucket Container with Toilet Seat Lid 1
Mainstay Emergency Food Ration (2400 Calorie) 5
Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water Pouch (4.22oz) 30
Dust Mask 30
Plastic Tarp (5' x 7') 1
Emergency Survival Blanket 1
Biohazard Toilet Bags (12 Pack) 1
T-5 Toilet Disinfectant 2
Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 2
Hand Sanitizer (2oz) 1
Toilet Paper Roll 2
Moist Towelette 100
Plastic Whistle with Carabineer 1
Duct Tape (10 Yards) 1
Clipboard and Pencil 1
Emergency Attendance Sheet 1
Classroom Lockdown Kits (08:10)
Mountain View Public Safety Foundation delivers Lockdown Kits to Castro School. This program was aired on KMVT15 Community Media.
  • Classroom Lockdown Kits
    Classroom Lockdown Kits
    Mountain View Public Safety Foundation delivers Lockdown Kits ...

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