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New FEMA Emergency Kit Checklist

Posted by James Shea on 4th Mar 2015

An Emergency Kit Checklist is now available that compares the contents in the residential emergency kits against the recommendations established by FEMA. The emergency kits that are compared i … read more

An Unfortunate Reminder

Posted by James Shea on 23rd Feb 2015

This Metrolink Train derailment is an unfortunate reminder of how important Triage Supplies and Trauma Medical Kits are. I wouldn't be surprised if EmergencyKits.com provided some of the emerge … read more

We Changed Our Name

Posted by James Shea on 20th Jan 2015

Just wanted to write a few words about some exciting changes happening at Essential Packs.  First of all and most obvious is our name change.  The fact that you are reading this means t … read more

Storing Your Emergency Supplies

Posted by James Shea on 25th Nov 2014

Properly storing your emergency supplies is important, and there are a few things to consider as you gather your supplies and decide where to keep them. Think about the types of emergency s … read more

Protect Important Documents

Posted by James Shea on 25th Nov 2014

Should a disaster occur, you are going to need access to important documents that may be inaccessible or possibly even destroyed.It's important to make copies of important documents and store them … read more