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    The KidPack is a Emergency Preparedness Kit designed to work as a module in any EP-FLEX Backpack or EP-FLEX Duffle Bag. It also works great as a stand alone compact kit that fits nicely in a desk drawer or vehicle. Supplies in this kit are stored in a Large Flex Pouch. The clear top allows you to see the contents of the kit and the front facing card slot allows you to label the KidPack with a business card sized card. The KidPack weighs 3.93lbs and measures 6H x 11W x 4"D.

    The KitPack is designed to provide 1 child with 3 days of essential emergency supplies. It contains emergency food bars in a variety of kid friendly flavors, a child sized rain poncho, and even a coloring book with crayons.


    • Large EP-FLEX Pouch - Red
    • Millennium Food Bar - 400 Calorie (x6)
    • Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water Pouch - 4.22oz (x6)
    • Yellow Lightstick - 12 Hour
    • Plastic Whistle with Lanyard
    • Emergency Contact Wallet Card
    • Child Emergency Information Card with Cover for Coloring
    • Emergency Survival Blanket
    • Waterproof Poncho - Child Sized
    • Cleansing Towelette (x6)
    • Crayons - Set of 4
    • First Responders Coloring Book - 36 Pages


    • Designed to work as a module in any EP-FLEX Backpack or EP-FLEX Duffel Bag
    • The EP-FLEX Pouch features a clear top, business card sized label insert, and carry handle.
    • Designed from the ground up by emergency preparedness professionals.
    • This kit contains items in these categories: Emergency Food, Emergency Water, Lighting, Communications, Sleeping, Shelter, Sanitation
    • This KidPack is sometimes referred to as a Emergency Kit for Kids, Child Emergency Kit, Survival Kit for Child, Disaster Kit for Child.
    • This Survival Kit is suitable for use in Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Winter Storms, Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, Floods, Wildfires, Power Outages, Pandemics, and Extreme Heat and Cold.
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Proposition 65 (For California Residents Only)

Proposition 65 warning


1 or more items in this kit contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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5 YEAR - The emergency food and water in this kit has a 5 year shelf life. Other items in this kit do not have expiration dates however, we recommend inspecting your supplies every 6 months.
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