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Office Emergency Kit (50 Person)

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    This Office Emergency Preparedness Kit from Essential Packs is professionally designed to provide 50 employees with highly reliable emergency supplies to last for up to 3 days (72 hours).

    This office emergency kit features emergency food rations that are safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nuts, emergency drinking water in easy-to -use reusable canteens, sanitation and toiletry supplies, lighting supplies, a hand crank and solar NOAA radio with mobile phone charger and high capacity lithium battery, tools, and much more.

    Each employee is provided with a 2,400-calorie food ration (800 calories per day), 6 pouches of emergency drinking water, a dust mask and an emergency survival blanket.

    For sanitation, this kit contains a portable toilet with supporting supplies including, deodorizing chemicals, biohazard waste bags (toilet liners), toilet paper, moist towelettes, and nitrile gloves.

    For lighting, this office kit contains hand squeeze LED flashlights, 12-hour lightsticks, and a super bright (150 lumen) lantern and flashlight for area lighting.

    In addition to all this, this office emergency kit includes water purification tablets, safety goggles, pry bar, a Leatherman like tool, plastic sheeting and duct tape, work gloves, caution tape, rope, and emergency whistles.

    All of the supplies in this kit fit neatly and organized in a heavy-duty crush-resistant wheeled container which makes moving and transporting this office kit easy.  Highly visible printing on both sides of the wheeled container reads “EMERGENCY SUPPLIES”.  This rugged container has a 65-gallon capacity and can hold up to 230 lbs.  It also has a locking mechanism on the lid that prevents unauthorized tampering with supplies.  Within the wheeled container, a heavy-duty duffel bag keeps supplies organized and ready to grab when disaster strikes. 

    This office emergency kit contains supplies are suitable for use in emergency and disaster situations including: earthquakes, tornadoes, winter storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, extreme heat and cold, and lockdown situations.

    The Office Emergency Kit for 50 People Contains:

    Item Quantity
    Emergency Food Ration - 2,400 Calorie (5 Year Shelf Life) 50
    Emergency Drinking Water Pouch - 4.22oz (5 Year Shelf Life) 300
    Water Purification Tablets (AquaTabs) 100
    Hand Crank / Solar / NOAA / FM / AM / LED Flashlight / Cell Phone Charger / 2,000 mAh Lithium Battery 1
    The "Lighthouse" LED Flashlight and Slide Out Lantern (includes 10 Year Duracell Batteries) 1
    Hand Squeeze LED Flashlight (No Batteries Required) 5
    Emergency Whistle with Carabiner (125db) 5
    Yellow Lightstick (12 Hour) 10
    Emergency Survival Blanket 50
    Dust Mask 50
    Heavy Duty Work Gloves (Pair) 5
    Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 5
    14-In-1 Pocket Tool (Leatherman Like) 1
    Pry Bar (15') 1
    Safety Goggles 1
    Nylon Rope (30') 2
    Barricade Tape - CAUTION (300' Roll) 1
    Plastic Sheeting (9' x 9') 2
    Duct Tape (50 Yards) 1
    Moist Towelette (Box of 100) 2
    T-5 Toilet Chemical Pack 2
    Biohazard Waste Bags (12 Pack) 2
    Toilet Paper Roll 8
    Crush Resistant "EMERGENCY KIT" Container 1
    Snap On Toilet Seat Lid 1
    Heavy Duty "EMERGENCY KIT" Duffel Bag 1
    Crush Resistant "EMERGENCY SUPPLIES" Wheeled Container 1

    This kit is designed and assembled in the USA. Emergency food and water in this kit is made in the USA.

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Proposition 65 (For California Residents Only)

Proposition 65 warning


1 or more items in this kit contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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