Mainstay Emergency Food Ration - 2400 Calorie (Pallet of 1,800)

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    This pallet of Mainstay Emergency Food Rations contains 90 cases with 20 individually wrapped food rations in each case.  Each ration contains 2400 calories and is ready to eat with no preparation required. This bar is divided into 6 pre-measured 400 calorie segments. Individualized portions eliminate the messy breaking-up that occurs with other bars. These non-thirst provoking emergency food rations have a pleasant lemon flavor that is appealing to everyone. They hold up in extreme temperature of between -40° F and 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) and contain no cholesterol or tropical oils. Mainstay Emergency Food Rations are enriched with vitamins and minerals that exceed the RDA requirements. In addition, Mainstay Emergency Food Bars safe for those allergic to nuts and contain no meat products.

    These Emergency Food Rations have a 5 year shelf life.

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