Welcome to the Fundraising Program

Just say "NO" to Candy Bars, Popcorn, Cookies, Gift Cards, Magazine Subscriptions, Seeds, and all of the other fundraising products sold year-in and year-out. By now, your fundraiser customers are running for the hills! Why not try something new! Why not offer a product that everyone actually needs?  Why not offer them something that could actually help protect their family?

The Fundraising Program lets you offer your clients an Emergency Preparedness Kit that is easy to sell, functional, low cost and many families will purchase more than 1.

This low-cost 1-person emergency preparedness kit is called the EmergencyPack and is designed to maximize your sales and profits.  

What Makes Our Fundraising Program Better Than The Rest?

  • We will customize the label on the emergency kit to include your organization's name (500 Kit Minimum).
  • Emergency Preparedness Kits are easy to sell.
  • People actually want emergency kits but don't know where to get them.
  • You are helping those associated with your school or organization prepare for an emergency.

To get started, simply follow the four-step process below. If you would like us to walk you through the process, don't hesitate to call at (800) 270-2889.

Step 1. Tell me about the Emergency Preparedness Kit

This EmergencyPack is designed to maximize the funds you raise while providing your customers with essential emergency supplies. Each kit has a 5-year shelf life and the food and water are approved by the United States Coast Guard. In addition, the food is vegetarian and contains no nut products. Each EmergencyPack comes in a durable, waterproof zip-slide bag that is both easy to distribute and perfect for storing at home, office, school, or car. Each EmergencyPack is designed to provide 1 person with a 3-day supply of essential emergency supplies.

The EmergencyPack Contains:

  • Emergency Food Ration (2400 Calorie / 3 Day)
  • Emergency Drinking Water (6 Pouches / 3 Day)
  • Hand-Squeeze LED Flashlight (No Batteries Required)
  • Emergency Survival Blanket
  • Whistle with Lanyard
  • Dust Mask
  • Emergency Information Card


 The More You Sell, The Lower Your Price! (Example: selling price at $20)

Kits SoldYour PriceYou Raise% Profit
1-49 $16.00 $4.00 20%
50-99 $15.00 $5.00 25%
100-199 $14.00 $6.00 30%
200+ $13.00 $7.00 35%


Step 2. Use this Fundraising Calculator to See how Much You can Raise

The Fundraising Calculator helps you determine how many kits you need to sell in order to reach your fundraising goal. The read-out at the top of the calculator shows you how much you will raise based on the settings in the calculator. If the read-out is green, you are meeting or exceeding your fundraising goal. If the read-out is red, you are below your fundraising goal. To change the settings in the calculator, drag the sliders left and right using your mouse, or use the arrow keys for precise adjustments.



Step 3. Choose one of the three program options

Option A: Per-Order Products (Best Option if you have funds)

With this Option you purchase emergency preparedness in advance. You seller can then collect payment and deliver the Emergency Kit to the buyer on-the-spot. No need to collect orders, or deliver products later on. This has proven to be the most effective way to maximize sales and keep your effort low. Your customers can see the kit and take or more of them one with them. No need to distribute later on. What also makes this option low risk, is that you can donate any leftover kits to your school or organization. Nothing goes to waste!

Option B: Collect Orders (Best Option if don't have funds in advance)

With this option, you take orders and payment from your buyers ahead of time. Taking orders up-front allows you to purchase exactly the right amount of emergency kits needed to fulfill your orders. You simply purchase the exact number of items you need. Essential Packs delivers the products directly to you at no additional cost. When you receive the Emergency Kits from Essential Packs, simply distribute the kits to your customers.


Option C: A Little of Both (Best Option is you have some funds in advance)

You might decide that a little of both is the right way to go. Ordering some kits ahead of time will allow you to see the emergency kits and use them as samples for your buyers to see. Ordering a small number of kits in advance lowers your rick of ending up with left them to fulfill orders your take. Then, simply order the exact number of additional products you need to fulfill the balance of your orders.


Step 4. Get Started!

To get started, simply order your kits by clicking on the "Buy Now" Button located in the Fundraising Calculator. Or, contact us by email at or calling us at (800) 270-2889.