REadyWise Emergency Meat

ReadyWise Emergency Meat

ReadyWise (Formerly Wise Food Company) Freeze Dried Emergency Seasoned Meat Supplies includes Roasted Chicken, Southwest Style Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Stroganoff Beef, Cheesy Beef, Roasted Beef, and Rice. These gourmet meats are easy to prepare and work great as a stand alone food supply, or as the perfect companion to ReadyWise Meal Kits. Meals come in Metallyte pouches which are packed into crush-resistant buckets with grab-and-go handles. When you consider the premium ingredients, number of servings, and extended shelf life, I'm sure you'll agree that this emergency meat supply is very affordable. Give you and your loved ones security and peace-of-mind by having a ReadyWise Freeze Dried Emergency Meat Supply in place before disaster strikes....don't delay...prepare today.  Shelf life up to 15 years.  Made in the USA.