SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Bordered Foam Dressing - 2"x2"

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    Dynarex’s SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Bordered and Non-Bordered Foam Dressings excel in exudate management and antimicrobial protection. Soft and adaptable, they provide a moist wound environment to accelerate healing. The silver foam core not only absorbs exudate, but also releases silver ions into the wound bed for an antibacterial effect.

    Choose this as a primary or secondary dressing for wounds where infection is already established or at risk of re-infection. The highly absorb foam is suitable for treating leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, second-degree burns, donor sites and partial to full

    SiliGentleAG is available with or without a border, in a variety of convenient sizes. The gentle silicone adhesive border provides secure adhesion with a low potential for skin irritation.

    • Soft and conformable, sterile silicone foam dressing with a silver compound to provide an antimicrobial barrier. Gentle adhesion with superior absorption for wounds with infection or at risk of re-infection. Good for fragile skin.
    • Highly absorbent. Locks away exudate in the foam while releasing silver ions into the wound bed while maintaining a moist environment for optimal, accelerated healing.
    • Suitable for wounds with delayed healing due to bacteria, infection, or wounds at risk of re-infection, including leg and pressure ulcers, second-degree burns, skin abrasions and donor sites.
    • Primary or secondary dressing to treat and manage partial to full thickness wounds at stages 2, 3 and 4.
    • May also be used with compression therapy.
    • Rx Only.
    • Perfect for first aid kits, trauma kits, first responders, urgent care centers, hospitals, and other medical care facilities

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