Bath Pack (Total Body Cleansing System)

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    The Bath Pack Total Body Cleansing System contains eight pre-moistened full-size washcloths packaged in a handy resealable pouch. The Bath Pack allows you to cleanse your entire body using an alcohol-free scented formulation (with Aloe and Vitamin E) that cleanses the skin gently, but thoroughly. No rinsing or drying necessary. If a microwave is available, the Bath Pack can be heated for an even more comfortable experience, although the Bath Pack is effective without heating. The Bath Pack Total Body Cleansing System is ideal in emergency situations where water may not be readily available.

    Warming Instructions:

    Peel Back the resealable label before warming. Warm the entire package in microwave for no longer than 20 seconds. Adjust warming time according to microwave power. Decrease warming time as the number of cloths in the package decreases. Reseal label between uses. Bathing cloths may be used at room temperature.

    Warning: DO NOT USE WHEN HOT. Test temperature of heated cloth with an ungloved hand. Carefully monitor the heat of the cloth especially when using on infants, unresponsive, individuals, or skin sensitive individuals.

    Bathing Instructions:

    Use bathing cloth for each area in the following order:

    • Facial and Neck Area
    • Front Torso
    • Right Arm
    • Left Arm
    • Right Leg
    • Left Leg
    • Back Torso
    • Buttocks and Perineal Area

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