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Student Emergency Kit In Box (3 Day)

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    This Student Box Emergency Kit provides 1 student with essential emergency supplies to last 3 days.  Emergency supplies are protected in a tough cardboard box that can be stored in a student's cubby, neatly stacked in a classroom supply room or cabinet, or centralized in a storage area for the whole school.  Supplies include emergency food and water, dust mask and an emergency survival blanket.  This kit measures 8.5" W x 7" D x 3" H.

    The emergency food and water in this student kit has a 5 year shelf life and is approved by the United States Coast Guard. The Emergency Food is ready to eat and requires no preparation. Each food bar is divided into 6 premeasured 400 calorie meals.  The non-thirst provoking food bar has a pleasant flavor and are enriched with vitamins and minerals that exceed RDA recommendations. They hold up in extreme temperatures of between -40° F and 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) and contain no cholesterol or tropical oils. In addition, this food bar is safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nuts, its also Kosher and meets the dictates for Halal. In other words, this food bar is safe for everyone.

    The Student Box Emergency Kit Contains:

    Emergency Item Quantity
    Cardboard Box Container 1
    Emergency Food Bar (2400 Calorie) 1
    Emergency Drinking Water Pouch (4.22oz) 6
    Dust Mask (Flat) 1
    Emergency Survival Blanket 1
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