TraumaPack (Mobile Trauma Kit)

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The TraumaPack is comprehensive medical kit that is designed to work in conjunction with the Flex Backpack .  It provides first aid and trauma supplies to treat a small team or family of people.  This kit is designed to fit perfectly in the Flex Backpack but also works great as a stand alone trauma kit.  All of the trauma supplies fit nicely in a ballistic nylon zippered pouch with a clear plastic top and carrying handle.  The backside of the label functions as an Activity Log.  This compact kit measures 10"W x 2"H x 7"D and fits nicely in a vehicle or drawer.

The TraumaPack Contains:

Trauma Item Quantity
FlexPack Pouch with Clear Top (Balistic Nylon) 1
Activity Log with Pencil 1
Urgent First-Aid Guide (48 Pages) 1
Triage Tags (M137) 2
Tourniquet (Latex Free) 2
Nitrile Gloves (Pair) 2
Survival Blanket 1
Bandage Sheers 1
Hydrogen Peroxide (8oz) 1
Eyewash (4oz) 1
CPR Shield 1
Multi-Purpose Wound and Trauma Dressing 1
Gauze Pad - 4" x 4" (Sterile) 2
Gauze Pad - 2" x 2" (Sterile) 2
Triangular Bandage - 40" x 40" x 56" 1
Tweezer 1
Ammonia Inhalants (Box of 10) 1
Instant Cold Pack - 4" x 5" 1
Biohazard Waste Bag 1
Petrolatum Gauze - 3" x 9" (Non-Adhering Dressing) 1
Combine Pad - 5" x 9" 1
Triple Antibiotic Ointment .5g 4
Antiseptic Towelette - 5" x 7" 4
Adhesive Tape Roll - 1"  1
Ace Bandage - 4" 1
Gauze Bandage Roll - 3" 1
Tounge Depressor 5
Cotton Swab Applicators 10
Knuckle Bandage 2
Adhesive Bandage - 3"  10
Butterfly Bandage 4
Penlight Flashlight 1
Thermometer 2
Procedures Mask with Face Shield 1
Wire Splint 1
Oval Eye Pad (Sterile) 2
QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing - 3-inch x 4-yard z-folded (Optional) 1
Case Dimensions:
10" W x 2" H x 7" D
Case Material:
Ballistic Nylon (1,680 Denier)

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  1. The almost Trama Pack 4 Star Rating

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2016

    This TraumaPack is nearly complete. It is more like a comprehensive First Aid pack. I needed two additional items to complete the Trauma Pack.
    1. clotting packs.
    2. tourniquets.
    These additions over filed the "pack", and since every item is loose within the pack, it is a mess to find what you need, and to put it all back. When life places you in a trauma situation, it is still usable, and fits in the trunk quite nicely..

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