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Long-Term Gourmet Meals (1,080 Servings)

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    This Emergency Food Supply from Wise Company contains 1,080 servings of gourmet breakfasts and entrees that have an amazing shelf life of 25 years when stored properly.  This emergency food supply contains enough food to provide 4 adults with 3 meals a day for 3 months.  These emergency meals are packed in Mylar pouches which are then stored inside crush-resistant and stackable bucket containers.  Each bucket contains either breakfasts or entrees.  When disaster strikes the 4 different gourmet breakfasts and 13 different gourmet entrees make meal times something to look forward to.  Made in the USA.

    This Gourmet Emergency Food Supply Contains: 

    Food Package Food For... Meals Per Day Comes In... Entrees Come In... Breakfasts Come In...
    1,080 Servings 3 Months (4 Adults) 3 Per Person 9 Buckets 6 Buckets with 720 Servings 3 Buckets with 360 Servings

    Wise Long Term Storage Emergency Food Features:

    • Extended Shelf Life Up to 25 Years - No need for rotation and eliminates waste associated with large #10 cans. Food is stored in Nitrogen packed Mylar pouches which eliminates oxygen and extends the shelf life of the food.
    • Smart Packaging - Wise Company meals come to you in stackable, crush-resistant, grab-and-go containers that protect the food. Handles on the buckets make transportation easy and convenient.
    • Light Weight and Condensed - A one year supply of food for one adult weighs less than 60 pounds.
    • Great Taste - To ensure optimal taste, color, texture and nutritional value, entrees consist of both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients.
    • Entrees and Breakfasts are vegetarian
    • Quick Cook - Simply add hot water, wait 10 minutes and enjoy!
    • Peace of Mind - You are prepared for an unforeseen emergency or disaster situation!
    • Affordable - Wise Company gourmet emergency meals cost as low as $1.50 per serving.

    Details About Wise Company Long Term Gourmet Meals

    These emergency meals provide individuals and families with a wide variety of options for stocking up on long-term food in the event of an emergency. Each bucket contains an assortment of great tasting gourmet entrees and breakfasts that your family will love to eat! The variety of entrees and breakfasts are not only hearty and nutritious, but also delicious! Professional chefs developed recipes that are loved by both adults and children! Each meal is made up of both freeze-dried and dehydrated components and carefully sealed. You can be sure that when it's re-hydrated and heated, it will have the same enticing taste and aroma as the day it was first prepared.

    Freeze-Dry and Dehydration Processes

    Wise Company Long Term Gourmet Meals include both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients. Through an extensive research and testing process, freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients are combined to ensure the best taste, texture, and nutritional value. More expensive ingredients like peas and other vegetables are generally freeze-dried. Other ingredients like noodles and rice actually taste better when dehydrated.

    Advantages of Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Meals

    • Food retains its original flavor, color, shape, and texture
    • Food retains its nutritional value
    • Food is compact which allow lots of food to be stored in a small space
    • Food is light-weight which makes it easier to carry and transport
    • With the addition of water, food is quickly and completely reconstituted
    • Food has extremely long shelf life

    Smart Packaging

    Nitrogen-Flushed Pouch - Wise Company Long Term Gourmet Meals is packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED pouches. The unique packaging process removes residual oxygen through a nitrogen flushing process. This eliminates the need to include an oxygen absorber from each package making food easier to prepare.

    4 Serving Mylar Pouch - The unique Mylar pouch makes every emergency meal easy to store and prepare.  In addition, the protective pouch extends the life of the food. Instead of using large and heavy #10 cans, each meal is packaged in its own 4 serving Mylar pouch. This eliminates waste associated with spoilage that occurs when large cans are opened and not immediately consumed.

    Crush-Resistant Container with Grab-and-Go Handle - Mylar pouches are further protected by placing them into crush-resistant plastic buckets that are super easy to stack and store. These buckets store more food in less floor space than other forms of emergency food solutions. In addition, each bucket has a fold-away grab-and-go handle that makes transporting your emergency food supply quick and easy.

    Re-sealable Pull Tab Lid - The unique bucket design also includes a pull tab that makes it easy to identify which buckets were previously opened. Once opened a bucket can be easily resealed.

    25-Year Shelf Life! - Wise Company Gourmet Meals are packed in airtight nitrogen packed pouches, and then enclosed in crush-resistant containers. The unique packaging process floods the pouch with nitrogen which pushes residual oxygen out. These meal have a shelf life of 25 years and require no rotation. That's 25 years without the stress of wondering if your family has safe food in the event of an emergency! These emergency meals will save you thousands of dollars that would normally be associated with rotating food every few years (especially as the cost of food continues to rise).

    Easy to Prepare -- Just Add Water

    Traditional food, when used in times of emergency, can be time consuming and difficult to prepare. With Wise Foods Emergency Meals, you simply add hot water, wait 10 minutes, and enjoy!


    Wise Foods Emergency Meals are one of the most affordable long-term food storage options available. Servings are as low as $1.50 each and your investment is good for 25 years!

    Serving Size Chart

    This chart shows how many servings of each meal type are provided in with this emergency food supply.

    Meal Type Servings
    Teriyaki and Rice 24
    Pasta Alfredo 48
    Chili Mac 48
    Cheesy Lasagna 48
    Tomato Basil Soup with Pasta 72
    Southwest Rice and Beans 72
    Savory Stroganoff 72
    Baked Potato Casserole 48
    Hearty Tortilla Soup 48
    Potatoes and Chicken Pot Pie 48
    Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini 72
    Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup 72
    Cheesy Macaroni 48
    Granola Strawberry Crunch 60
    Brown Sugar and Multi-Grain 120
    Crunchy Granola 60
    Apply Cinnamon Cereal 120
    Total Servings 1,080


    "we just moved to Manhattan for two years while my husband does to graduate school, and one thing I insisted on bringing with us was a three-month supply of Wise buckets, which I'm stashing in different spots around the apartment. With a three-year-old and one on the way, it's comforting to know it's there in case of emergency." Heidi Foss, New York, New York

    "Our past food storage experience has been a process of storing and wasting. No matter how hard we tried to rotate and use our storage, we always ended up with cans of expired food. With Wise Food Storage, we are done...and we don't have to worry for the next 25 years." Christopher Shill, Layton, UT

    "...We went four days straight eating nothing but Wise food, and our kids loved it; they didn't get tired of it...In fact, while eating the cheesy lasagna, one of my twin five-year-old boys turned to me and said, 'Dad, this is the best noodles you ever made!'...My wife and I are kind of picky eaters, and we really liked the meals. They didn't have the aftertaste of other freeze-dried food we've tried. We were pretty pumped about that!" Stefan Mamula, Evanston, Wyoming

    Don't hesitate to contact us at (800) 270-2889 if you have any questions.

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