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Overview of the FlexPack Emergency Kit

The FlexPack Emergency Kit from Essential Packs is unmatched in quality, function, organizational features, and customizable options.

Every family is different which is why this emergency kit is professionally designed to be easy to customize to meet the specific needs of your family…no matter how small or large!

This emergency kit stands alone when compared to the competition and exceeds guidelines published by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.

Benefits and Features of the FlexPack Emergency Kit vs Generic Kits

  • One size does not fit all when it comes to the different needs of children, adults, and seniors. The FlexPack Emergency Kit is designed so that each family member (including pets) get their own personalized FlexPack Module which contains age appropriate supplies. Each FlexPack Module contains supplies to support one family member for up to 3 days.
  • As your family grows, ages, and changes, you can simply add or swap out FlexPack Modules as needed.
  • The FlexPack Emergency Kit contains Emergency Planning and Communication Cards which is a critical element in being prepared.
  • The FlexPack Emergency Kit contains all your supplies in a premium grab-n-go ballistic nylon backpack.
  • One of the only Emergency Kits that contains supplies for your pets. No need to purchase separate Pet Kits.
  • This top-quality kit is designed to last! The FlexPack Backpack and FlexPack Pouches are made of super durable but lightweight ballistic nylon.
  • The FlexPack Emergency Kit is the most organized kit available and has places to store personal items including: extra keys, emergency cash, important documents, and much more.
  • New modules are coming out which allows you to update and add to your FlexPack Emergency Kit.
  • Available in Red and Black.
Flex Pack kit

It’s Easy to Configure and Order Your Customized FlexPack Emergency Kit.

  1. Enter the Number and Type of Family Members and Pets
  2. Choose Additional FlexPack Module Options
  3. Choose Your Color Preference
  4. Select a Radio Option
  5. Click Add to Cart and Complete the Checkout Process

These steps can all be completed on this page. Just keep reading and follow the step-by-step process below.

Enter the Number and Type of Family Members and Pets

Each member of your family (including your pets) requires their own personal FlexPack Module.

Enter the number of family members next to each age group so we can determine the number and type of FlexPack Modules to include in your FlexPack Emergency Kit.

Total Family Members in your Household
Total: 0

Choose Additional FlexPack Module Options

Additional FlexPack Modules are available and contains important emergency preparedness supplies you should consider adding to your FlexPack Emergency Kit. Choose which additional FlexPack Modules you would like to include.

hygiene pack


trauma pack

Trauma Pack

The TraumaPack is comprehensive medical/First Aid Kit that is designed treat a small team or family of people.

The Trauma Pack contains: Ballistic Nylon Zippered Pouch with Clear Top and Carrying Handle, Activity Log with Pencil, Urgent First-Aid Guide (48 Pages), Triage Tags (M137), High Risk Nitrile Gloves (2 Pairs), Survival Blanket, Bandage Sheers, Hydrogen Peroxide (4oz), Eyewash (4oz), CPR Shield, Multi-Purpose Wound and Trauma Dressing (Dyna-Stopper), Gauze Pad - 4" x 4" (Sterile x2), Gauze Pad - 2" x 2" (Sterile x2), Triangular Bandage - 40" x 40" x 56", Tweezer, Ammonia Inhalants (Box of 10), Instant Cold Pack - 4" x 5", Biohazard Waste Bag (x2), Petrolatum Gauze - 3" x 9" (Non-Adhering Dressing), Combine Pad - 5" x 9", Triple Antibiotic Ointment (.5g x4), Antiseptic Towelette - 5" x 7" (x4), Adhesive Tape Roll - 1", Ace Bandage - 4", Gauze Bandage Roll - 3", Tongue Depressor (x10), Cotton Swab Applicators (x10), Knuckle Bandage (x4), Adhesive Bandage - 3" (x10), Butterfly Bandage (x4), Penlight Flashlight, Thermometer (x4), Procedures Mask with Face Shield, Wire Splint, and Oval Eye Pad (Sterile x2).

power jump

Power Jump

The PowerJump A3S is a top-of-the-line, high-capacity Lithium Polymer battery charging unit. It is designed to provide highly-reliable emergency backup power when you need it most. The PowerJump A3S comes with everything you need to safely jump start your car or RV without the need for a second vehicle and has 2 built-in USB ports for charging and powering mobile devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. The battery has an amazing capacity of 16,000 mAh and has a built-in LCD display and built-In LED flashlight.

Additional FlexPack Backpack

flexpack backpack

Each Backpack holds 5 modules.
With your 1 modules, you may want additional Flexpack Backpacks.
More backpacks will allow you to carry and store all of you modules in a easy, grab-n-go place. You will have extra room for additional modules that you may need in the future, or modules that may want to buld your self.

The FlexPack Emergency Kit is available in Black and Red. The FlexPack Backpack, and The FlexPack Pouches will be delivered in the color you select.

Flex Pack Color:


one backpack is already included in your kit

Choose an Emergency Radio Option for your Flexpack Emergency Kit

KA332W radio

Modal: Kaito KA332W


  • Radio Bands: NOAA / FM / AM
  • Tuner: Analog Dial
  • LED Flashlight: Yes
  • Reading Light: No
  • Power: Solar / Crank / Batteries / AC
  • Internal Battery: Nickel Metal
  • Mobile Phone Charger: Yes
KA500 radio

Modal: Kaito KA500


  • Radio Bands: NOAA / FM / AM / SW
  • Tuner: Analog Dial
  • LED Flashlight: Yes
  • Reading Light: Yes
  • Power: Solar / Crank / Batteries / AC
  • Internal Battery: Nickel Metal
  • Mobile Phone Charger: Yes
KA600L radio

Modal: Kaito KA600L


  • Radio Bands: NOAA / FM / AM / SW / LW
  • Tuner: Digital
  • LED Flashlight: Yes
  • Reading Light: Yes
  • Power: Solar / Crank / Batteries / AC
  • Internal Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Mobile Phone Charger: Yes
  • Other: Clock / Alarm / Temperature / Humidity

Your Custom Flexpack

FlexPack Emergency Kit Builder (Modular)

15.00 LBS
  • FlexPack Emergency Kit with Sample Configuration
  • FlexPack Emergency Kit (Red) with FlexPack Module Options
  • FlexPack Emergency Kit - Closed
  • FlexPack Emergency Kit - Back
  • FlexPack Emergency Kit - All Open
  • FlexPack Emergency Kit - with 5 Modules
  • KidPack FlexPack Module - For Children (Ages 2 to 12)
  • PersonPack FlexPack Module - For Teens and Adults (Ages 13 to 64)
  • SeniorPack FlexPack Module - For Senior Citizens (Over 65)
  • PetPack for Dog FlexPack Module
  • PetPack for Cat FlexPack Module
  • TraumaPack FlexPack Module (Comprehensive Set of Trauma and First Aid Supplies)
  • Hygiene FlexPack Module (Hygiene Supplies for a Family of 4)
  • PowerJump Battery (16,000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery with 2 USB Ports, Smart Jumper Cables, and LED Flashlight)
Price: $179.99
Retail: $279.99 (You save $100.00)
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Flex Backpack Capacity:
15 FlexPack Modules

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