Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit

140.00 LBS
  • Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit (for 30 Students)
  • Mainstay Emergency Food Ration - Nutritional Information
  • Hand Crank/Solar Emergency NOAA/AM/FM Radio with Flashlight and Mobile Phone Charger
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This Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit is designed to be stored in a classroom and provide 30 students with essential emergency preparedness supplies to last for 3 days (72 hours).

This Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit provides each student with emergency food and water, an emergency survival blanket, and a dust mask.  In addition, this classroom emergency kit comes with a portable toilet, sanitation supplies, hand-crank NOAA emergency radios with built-in LED flashlight and mobile phone charger, pry bar, hard hat and safety vest for the teacher, heavy-duty work gloves, plastic tarp which can be used to create a privacy screen,  CAUTION tape, and an emergency whistle.

Storage Container

The emergency supplies in this classroom kit are placed into a highly-visible crush-resistant wheeled container.  In addition, the container has bold "EMERGENCY SUPPLIES" lettering printed on both sides and the lid can be secured to prevent tampering using a lock and/or zip tie.

Emergency Food and Water

The emergency food and water in this kit has a 5 year shelf life and is approved by the United States Coast Guard. The Emergency Food is ready to eat and requires no preparation. Each food bar is divided into 6 premeasured 400 calorie meals. These non-thirst provoking emergency food bars have a pleasant flavor and are enriched with vitamins and minerals that exceed RDA recommendations. They hold up in extreme temperatures of between -40° F and 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) and contain no cholesterol or tropical oils. In addition, each food bar is safe for vegetarians and those allergic to nuts, it's Kosher and meets the dictates for Halal. In other words, the food bars are safe for everyone.

Emergency Radio

The Emergency Radio included with this Classroom Emergency Kit can be charged using one of four different methods: Hand-Crank, Solar Panel, 3 AAA Batteries (not included), or AC Adapter (Optional). This radio receives NOAA, FM, and AM bands. In addition, it has a built-in super bright LED flashlight and mobile phone charger that works with all mobile phones using an existing USB charging cable.

This emergency kit contains supplies suitable for use in emergency situations including: earthquakes, tornadoes, winter storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and extreme heat and cold.

The Shelter-In-Place Classroom Emergency Kit Contains:

Item Quantity
Emergency Food Ration (2400 Calorie) 30
Emergency Drinking Water Pouch (4.22oz) 180
Crank/Solar NOAA/FM/AM Radio with Flashlight and Cell Charger 1
Plastic Whistle with Lanyard 1
Green Lightstick (12 Hour) 10
Emergency Survival Blanket 30
Dust Mask 30
Heavy-Duty Work Gloves (Pair) 1
Safety Vest (Orange) 1
Hard Hat (White) 1
Pry Bar (15') 1
Barricade Tape - CAUTION (300' Roll) 1
Blue Tarp (16' x 20') 1
Moist Towelette (Box of 100) 1
T-5 Toilet Chemical Pack 1
Toilet Liner (12 Pack) 1
Biodegradable Toilet Paper 10
Crush Resistant Bucket Container 1
Snap On Toilet Seat Lid (for Bucket Container) 1
Crush-Resistant "EMERGENCY SUPPLIES" Wheeled Container 1
Shelf Life:
5 Years

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